About Colestown Cemetery

A Sacred Place

"Caring for Families...Eternally" 

Our Mission Statement 

We are in business to serve families—one at a time in the communities around our cemeteries—by educating and guiding each person with the importance of preplanning.
With caring and compassion, we will guide them toward realistic burial, mausoleum, cremation and memorial options.
To that end, we will make certain we are providing what they need and can afford.  Only then are we truly serving.
“By Serving, We Will Be Served” 

Our History

Colestown Cemetery is a beautiful historic cemetery located in Cherry Hill, NJ which has been doing burial since the 1600's and continues to do burials. It is the only remnant of the hamlet called Colestown, a small village founded in the late 1600's. It is named after Samuel Coles, the founder. Many of the Coles family are buried there, included Samuel who dies in 1917. The familiar Gatehouse at Colestown Cemetery was built in 1858 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.

In 2018, Louis Cicalese, cemetery president is planning to build a new Mausoleum and make many improvements to the cemetery.

Meet Louis Cicalese, Cemetery President